A Darling Diva & Her Own Personal Photographer…

So, part of being a photographer means that my family knows that they get the best photos when it comes to the kids, family events, special moments and just plain hanging out on a Sunday.  The last time I was hanging with the fam, I happened to have my camera from a shoot earlier that day.  So, when I showed up to my parents and my niece was there looking positively adorable I couldn’t help but break out the camera and see what we could get!  What truly brought me joy this time, though, was that she asked if she could shoot photos with my camera.  Never mind that this camera literally weighs as much as she does and is at least as big as her head!  So what that I was holding a small fortune worth of equipment in my hand? How could I say no to that sweet face?!?!  So, I made her a deal…. if she went outside, played and had fun so I could get some awesome photos for mommy and daddy, her and I would sit together and take some really cool photos.  Was it a deal? IT WAS A DEAL!!!!!  So, let’s see how badly she wanted to take photos with my camera…. We’ll start with my personal favorite….


And it doesn’t end there…. she keeps hammin’ it up for me so she has a chance to shoot this amazing camera with the coolest auntie in all the world!


I know i’m biased but seriously, could that face be any more adorable?!?!?!?


And the happy dance continues….


And last but not least….. the photo that Addison got with her Auntie CiCi?!?!?!?!


Literally one of my favorites of ALL TIME!!!!! I will never forget this moment with my beautiful niece.  My heart is still alive with joy that she wanted to take photos just like her Auntie CiCi.  I hope that I can show her how much joy there is to be had not just in front of the lens, but behind it as well.  This is a moment I will not soon forget…. xoxo

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