Who’s This Crafty Photographer Anyways….

Ciana has been capturing the precious moments in life through the art of photography for over 15 years with her passion and vision that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary with vivid inspirational imagery. Ciana specializes in portraiture as well as special events. Her photojournalistic style and talent for seizing the “in the moment” shots are what makes her images especially unique.  Ciana shoots both film and digital for weddings and special events.  Though many feel that film is a thing of the past, Ciana believes there is just something so amazingly gorgeous about it that cannot be replicated.

Ciana was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  She is living her passion and dreams every day by traveling the country capturing the special moments of her clients and friends through the art of photography. Ciana is available worldwide , and was most recently featured on Chicago Style Weddings.

In Case You Were Wondering…..

What Does CiCi Pictures Create Worth Believing In?

Anyone can take nice photos.  While the photos are terribly important, so is your relationship with the photographer.  Building relationships with clients so that their most precious life experiences can be captured on film in a way that strikes the heart and soul is what we believe in.   Knowing and understanding what is most meaningful to our clients allows us to capture the most precious memories in ways that could not be imagined.

What Do Our Clients Receive in Working With Us?

Our clients are not just getting a series of photographs with CiCi Pictures.  We partner with you to create your personal life journal through the art of photography.  You will receive the finest packaging, products, service and attention to detail.  As a fine art wedding photographer, we are proud to present each photo as a piece of art.

What Photographic Style Will I Get With CiCi Pictures?

When we are documenting your life experiences through photography, we are capturing moments in a way that will bring you right back to that special time.  Our style is photojournalistic in nature with a classic, yet fun and playful touch.  We prefer natural lighting and love when people just enjoy the moment and leave the rest up to the photographer and the camera.