All Smiles In Central Park!

Ok…so maybe I lied…. one last peek from my time in New York! I swear! I just couldn’t resist sharing more!  This beautiful family was kind enough to pose for me as I learned more of the ins and outs from the best in the business.  It was the most perfect day in Central Park and this was the sweetest family any photographer could ask to capture.  I never felt happier taking these photos…. here are a few of my favs!


And last but not least…. a few individual ones with mommy and daddy!


Couldn’t be happier and more proud!  Thank you to Jen Huang for her guidance, expertise, amazing business sense, and most of all encouragement!  She’s truly one of a kind and I am so honored to be able to learn from the very best! Everything I do is to bring the very best photos to my clients.  This session was no exception!

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