An Oldie but a Goodie!!!!

Ok people, all I’m going to say is……. FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FILM FILM FILM!!!!!! Ok, so that’s not all I’m going to say, but I just could not hold back my excitement. Film, to many, is almost completely forgotten. Kids today would have no idea what it was if you handed them a roll or a camera without a digital screen in the back. How soon we forget, though, that this is what it was for so very long! While I will always shoot my digital in conjunction with my film cameras, there is just truly no substitute for film. The colors are just unbelievable! The tone, the richness… oh my gosh! Waiting to get film scans back is probably the most painful process ever… maybe only second to the 3 minutes it takes to download them. The pain is well worth it every single time, though!!! Here are some scans I just got back from the GORGEOUS wedding I recently shot in Jamaica. There is a blog post with more to come on that wedding because it was absolutely stunning and incredible, but I just could not wait to show you some of the film. The most amazing thing is that I have not edited ANY of these photos. These are straight out of the camera!!! I hope you love them as much as I do!!!


More to come soon!!!! xoxo

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