Baby Love!!!

One of the greatest honors of my career is when a client comes back to me to capture more of the important moments in their lives. Today’s session was the culmination of years of friendship, trust and understanding. I photographed Jess and Eddie’s wedding a few years back, so to walk into their home today (with the wedding photos I took adorning the walls) to capture Jess’s first pregnancy was just completely humbling. I never take for granted that my clients will come back for other life moments, so when they do it’s almost a little emotional for me. I realize every time this happens that I’m not just someone who shows up on people’s doorsteps to take some photos…. I am documenting the beautiful moments of peoples lives that make them who they are. Have I mentioned that I literally have the BEST job in the world?!??! I’m beyond excited to share my favorites from this beautiful maternity session for Jess and Eddie. They are family to me in so many ways and it’s just so exciting to see their family growing. I couldn’t be happier for them both! They are two of the kindest, most loving people in this world and I know they’re going to make the best parents! I love that when their son looks back on this session, he will see the overwhelming amount of love his mom and dad have for each other and for him. I’m going to start with my two most favorite photos of Jess and Eddie in this session. Before I do, let me just say this… These first two photos are the true Jess and Eddie. They are the Jess and Eddie that have been best friends for as long as they can remember… The Jess and Eddie that love each other endlessly, are inseperable, are best friends and are about to be the most amazing parents. I hope you love these as much as I do, because I’m just beaming in my heart looking at these!!!


CONGRATULATIONS Jess and Eddie! I love you both very much and I wish the three of you decades of love, health and happiness!!!! I absolutely cannot wait to meet your perfect little man!!! xoxo

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