Beautiful Day With A Beautiful Family….

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but I’ve been out photographing, people!!!! This first post, is a beautiful family that I felt so happy to spend time with.  They are kind, funny and most of all strong! I was so touched to hear how this amazing mama waited a year while her husband was deployed serving our country in the greatest military on this planet.  You could just really feel that this little boy was completely a reflection of the love and devotion between them.  SO! The wait is over! Here are my favorites….

Let’s start with my fav’s of this adorable little boy!!!

And next up, my favs of the entire family…..

And last, but not least…. my favorites of this entire family….

Per usual, I’m always crazy sad when a shoot is over, but i’m super excited that there will be more to come with this beautiful family.  I am still always so humbled and elated when someone entrusts me with documenting their most important memories.  I cannot express my gratitude to this family for allowing me the opportunity!

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