Beautiful Day With A Beautiful Family!

This week I had the awesome experience of photographing one of the most wonderful families!  This mom is one incredible woman! Being the mom of a special needs child and a two year old is not an easy task, but this beautiful lady takes it on with such ease and grace.  At one point during the shoot, she blurted out with absolute joy, “I love my children!!!!!”  It put the biggest smile on my face.  Here are a few of my favorites from this shoot.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with this family and look forward to watching these little ones grow up through the lens!

These family photos were some of my absolute favorites! They are all so close and you can really feel that just spending time with them.

This little boy absolutely amazed me!  There were so many times you could just see that wonderful smile come through, and you knew he was so happy to be having such a fun time with us.

This little girl was just too cute! She reminded me so much of my niece….

What an amazing day!  I am again reminded of why I love my job so very much…. I have the very best clients! How many people can say they get to work with smiling faces all day?  Not many!  I am so very fortunate to be one of the people that does.

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