Best Friends Forever!

When I say, “best friends forever,” I don’t just mean the bride and groom. No doubt they will be best friends forever, however what I meant is that they will be my very best friends forever. It’s so crazy to think that I’ve known this beautiful bride since we were practically kids. She’s like my parents fourth daughter, and my third little sister! I affectionatly call her “bananz.” Don’t ask me how or where it comes from…it just is! So, I kind of can’t believe that bananz is gettin’ hitched! It took a really special guy…the MOST special guy to woo this pretty girl. Anna is a smart, hard working, fun loving city girl that doesn’t take $hit from anyone! So, it was seriously fitting that she met and knew she’d marry Ryan…a police officer and fellow non-taker of $hit! Ha! Together they are that perfect combination of love, fun and best friends for life! So, it was with honor that I accepted Anna’s request to capture this magical time in their lives. SO! Let’s get this party started and share some of my ultimate fav pics! And don’t forget to scroll to the end…. the outtakes on these two….priceless!


AAAAAANNNNNDDDD…… Because it wouldn’t be a day at one of the most divine places in all of Chicago without bananz makin’ it her own with her beautiful, outgoing, crazy, funny personality! Priceless…


To Anna and Ryan- I love you both SO MUCH! You are family to me in every way. Congratulations to you both! I cannot wait for the big day!!!!

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