Cristie + Josh

It’s hard to know where to begin with this one!  I am always so incredibly humbled when a bride and groom choose me to capture their love story, but this couple truly went above and beyond!  You have undoubtedly seen them on the blog before.  This beautiful couple has had me capture every moment from engagement, to the boudoir photos that were Josh’s wedding gift, to their incredible “I do’s” in paradise.  I know that I’m not just that person there with a camera… I’m there to capture the moments that they and their loved ones are going to look back on for decades to come.  The moments that bring them right back to that time, or that amaze their grandchildren, or that move their own children to tears when they think about how that moment is truly how it all began.  I always say it, but truly, I have the best job in the world!  To be asked to get on a plane and bring a passport to document all of this is absolutely the greatest honor and compliment any photographer can have.  Cristie and Josh are two of the most amazing people I know.  Planning the wedding may have been crazy, picking the dress and all the details may have been overwhelming at times, but there was always one thing that was never a second thought…. the reason they were going through all the trouble.  These two truly wanted an experience where the people that love them so incredibly much could come together as one big family and share in the entire ride with them, and share in the ride we all did!!!!  I won’t ruin any surprises, but you will quickly see by the end of the post what a fun, loving and carefree couple Cristie and Josh are.  I love their entire approach to their love story and their lives.  They truly know what it’s all about.  So! Here are some of my absolute favs!!!!


What an amazing day!!!!  Is this group not the most fun?!?!? It’s so easy to get caught up in details and I love that Cristie and Josh never let anything stop them from being themselves and enjoying every moment of their day…. not even a little salt water or chlorine in the wedding dress!  Congratulations, Cristie and Josh!  Much love, health and happiness to you both!  THANK YOU for allowing me to be by your side through everything! xoxo


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An Oldie but a Goodie!!!!

Ok people, all I’m going to say is……. FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FILM FILM FILM!!!!!! Ok, so that’s not all I’m going to say, but I just could not hold back my excitement. Film, to many, is almost completely forgotten. Kids today would have no idea what it was if you handed them a roll or a camera without a digital screen in the back. How soon we forget, though, that this is what it was for so very long! While I will always shoot my digital in conjunction with my film cameras, there is just truly no substitute for film. The colors are just unbelievable! The tone, the richness… oh my gosh! Waiting to get film scans back is probably the most painful process ever… maybe only second to the 3 minutes it takes to download them. The pain is well worth it every single time, though!!! Here are some scans I just got back from the GORGEOUS wedding I recently shot in Jamaica. There is a blog post with more to come on that wedding because it was absolutely stunning and incredible, but I just could not wait to show you some of the film. The most amazing thing is that I have not edited ANY of these photos. These are straight out of the camera!!! I hope you love them as much as I do!!!


More to come soon!!!! xoxo

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Dreaming Of Spring…

Ok, so it’s January and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s absolutely over this cold weather. Once the holidays are over, I’m ready to jump into spring! Give me flowers, and warm breezes and cities coming alive again! With all of this cold in snow in the windy city, I needed to look back on some springtime inspiration to warm up! These are a few photos I took a few years back during a beautiful styled shoot in New York City. It could not have been a more gorgeous day in April. Central Park was perfect and it felt SO GOOD to feel a city coming alive again. I honestly wish I could relive the entire experience. I was surrounded by other amazingly talented photographers and it was truly the beginning of me starting to live out my dreams. SO! Without further delay… here are some beautiful sprintime colors, blooms and sunshine to warm you up on this super cold day!


workshop: jen huang photography

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Love is in the (VERY Cold) Air!

I am always amazed at how my couples are always so tolerant of whatever weather conditions we happen to face….rain, wind, cold, shine… does not matter! Love is in the air, and no amount of cold or bad weather is going to change that. I hardly know where to begin with this couple. I met the beautiful bride, Kelsey, sometime ago during a styled shoot and just fell in love with her infectious smile and kind way immediately. Kelsey and her wonderful fiance, Ben, were no exception to the weather rule. It was absolutely frigid, yet somehow all anyone was feeling was the love and excitement that’s ahead in 2015 as these two amazing people head down the aisle. Thankfully, we warmed up in the cutest little chocolate shop you can imagine! As a city girl, I sometimes forget the amazing hidden treasures that are in the smaller towns in the Chicagoland area. This quaint little spot was not to be missed, and the perfect backdrop for two chilly lovebirds (and their photographer with frozen fingers)! Here are a few of my absolute favs from the day! I cannot wait to share more of their beautiful wedding day coming up this year!


Congraulations, Kelsey and Ben! Here’s to decades more of love, health, happiness and smiles in both of your lives! xoxo

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Party Time!!!

So often I put a huge focus on all of the preparation, ceremony and portrait shots that many times the reception gets left behind. I had the honor of photographing this amazing reception with one of the most fun couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It is true that the bride and groom are always smiling and happy by this point, but this couple in particular truly knew what it was to let go, have fun and smile from ear to ear. As you will see from the photos, there wasn’t a moment when everyone wasn’t having the time of their lives. I especially loved the sweet girl that caught the bouquet. Check out that excitement!!!! These are some of my very favorite moments! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did photographing them!


Congratulations to this amazing and beautiful couple! May you both keep smiling for decades to come! xoxo

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The Moments Just Before…

One of my favorite times on a wedding day are the moments just before a bride walks down the aisle. It’s such an amazing moment filled with anticipation, happiness and the knowledge that what is about to come is a life changing moment in time. I am so blessed to have captured so many of these moments, and again… this one is one of my favorites! I’m so excited for more of these moments in 2015 as I am so blessed to be capturing so many beautiful weddings! Enjoy!!!


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Boudoir Bride

Let me just begin by saying that I just absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE when a bride wants to do a boudoir session for her groom. What an amazing gift! This beautiful woman not only entrusted me to capture her wedding day, but also to put together this amazing gift for her husband to be. From start to finish, I loved working with this sweet, sexy, smart and all around amazing woman. She was kind enough to let me share just a few of her gorgeous photos. The rest are for GROOMS EYES ONLY! Here were some of my absolute favorites:


For anyone thinking about boudoir, don’t think twice! It’s the most fun a girl can have!!!

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Two Sweet Parents & A Little Lady!

AHHHHHH!!!!!!! I know, I know… I’m already loud enough without the screaming but I just had to!!! I seriously love this family. I’m sure you all recognize them from previous posts. For those of you who are new to my blog, I’ve been photographing this beautiful family since maternity. They are the reason that I do what I do. Honestly! They have welcomed me into their lives to consistently capture moments like these. Not only are these two the epitomy of loving parents, but they have this cool, laid back, city style that I aspire to have when I’m a parent someday. They are fun, sweet and are the true definition of love and devotion. Here are a few of some of my favs from our last session. I honestly can’t wait to see what spring brings us!!!! Enjoy!!!


Until next time!!!

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The GREATEST Love Story Of All!!!

I’ve been waiting for some time now to finally have the opportunity to write this post. This wedding was by far and away one of the most special times in my life, and it wasn’t even me that was getting married!!!! This couple has touched my life in so many ways that it would take a lifetime to write it all. I first met Jeremy when I was working in finance. I knew from the beginning that we’d be fast friends. As we rode the train home together each day, we developed one of those rare friendships in life whereby you know that this person will forever hold a place in your heart. With every ride, every story, every vent session, every laugh and sometimes even through my tears, Jeremy quickly became someone I knew I could trust and count on for the rest of my life. When he met Sara, I immediately knew that she was different. The way Jeremy talked about her on our rides home, and told me about their adventures… I just knew that she was unlike any other girl. I quickly learned how special she was the moment I met her. As I did with Jeremy, Sara quickly made me feel as though we’d known each other forever. I learned quickly that I could turn to her in the same way that I could turn to Jeremy. I literally won the lottery with the friendship I gained with these two. Truly, their love and friendship with each other has touched my heart and soul. When they asked me to photograph their wedding in Greece, there was only one answer. YES!!!!! They went on to explain that I was one of the few people that has known their love story from the very beginning, so it only seemed appropriate for me to put it onto film. It’s one of the few weddings that I actually cried tears of happiness while shooting.

As if all this wasn’t amazing enough, I had no idea what I was in for with this trip. Was I excited to go to Greece? Yes! It’s Europe. Who wouldn’t be??!?! Little did I know how much the entire experience would literally change my life. From day one, I was exposed to friends and family of Jeremy and Sara’s that made me feel as if I had known them a lifetime. The love and positivity surrounding all of us throughout the trip was a feeling I had never felt before. At one point while on our private sail boat for the day (blog post to come on that one), I looked up to the sky and actually took a moment to thank God. I thanked Him for the opportunity to be here, for being in the presence of such love, for being surrounded by so many amazing souls, and even for my eye sight so that I could see and experience something so magical. I literally began to see life SO differently. I was not going home the same girl that left.

It was almost impossible to pick photos for this post as there are so many. There will be future posts with other parts of the trip, but I’d like to start with Jeremy and Sara’s wedding day. Here are some of my very favorites!!!!


To Jeremy and Sara- I love you both so incredibly much! I am so beyond blessed to call you both my friends, and to have you in my life. I cannot thank you enough for your amazing friendship and for the opportunity to capture your love on film. I wish you decades of love, health, and happiness. I can’t imagine my life without the both of you, and couldn’t be happier that you found a soul mate in each other. xoxo

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Summer Lovin’

I hardly know where to begin with this couple!!!  Cristie and I grew up together so we’ve known each other since we were kids.  Who knew that decades later, I’d have the amazing opportunity to capture such a momentous occasion in her life.  When Cristie and I sat down months ago to talk photos, and she asked me to be the one to capture her and Josh exchanging vows in JAMAICA, my heart was just filled with complete joy and honor.  I’ve had the incredible opportunity to photograph a number of destination weddings now, and they are nothing short of incredibly special.  Since the wedding is going to be somewhere far away and tropical, we decided to go back to our roots for the engagement session.  So, to Barrington, Illinois we went for this incredible shoot!  Josh and Cristie are love personified… the way they look at each other is one that most people dream about.  You can tell that they are best friends and truly love and appreciate each other.  Here are a few of my absolute favorites from our amazing day in Barrington!

2014-07-21_0001 2014-07-21_0002 2014-07-21_0003 2014-07-21_0004 2014-07-21_0005 2014-07-21_0006 2014-07-21_0007 2014-07-21_0008 2014-07-21_0009 2014-07-21_0010 2014-07-21_0011 2014-07-21_0012

CONGRATULATIONS Josh and Cristie!!!! I couldn’t be more excited for you.  Here’s to decades of love, health and happiness!!! See you in Jamaica!!!!

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