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Step Into My Boudoir…

Boudoir shoots have become increasingly popular, so I just wanted to do a little shout out and remind everyone (gentleman too) that boudoir shoots are crazy fun!!!  So many women think it’s not for them or will tell themselves that they just need to lose that last 5lbs before they book anything.  Guess what ladies?! Boudoir is for everyone and that last 5lbs will make zero difference in how amazing your photos are.  Each and every session I do is personal. My process for a boudoir shoot starts from the moment you start to think about it.  I speak with each of my clients extensively and even have a series of questions so that we can start to think about what we can be celebrating about YOU!  Because ultimately that’s what boudoir is… it’s a celebration of you as a fun, playful, beautiful, exciting human being.  So many people are always doing for others and forget to take a moment for themselves to do something fun.  A boudoir shoot is an amazing opportunity to honor all of the beautiful things about yourself that are easy to forget when you’re in the thick of each day.  So, even if you’ve ever thought about boudoir…. let’s have a conversation!  Let’s talk about what it could mean for you and to you.  Let’s celebrate how awesome you truly are!!!!


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Cristie + Josh

It’s hard to know where to begin with this one!  I am always so incredibly humbled when a bride and groom choose me to capture their love story, but this couple truly went above and beyond!  You have undoubtedly seen them on the blog before.  This beautiful couple has had me capture every moment from engagement, to the boudoir photos that were Josh’s wedding gift, to their incredible “I do’s” in paradise.  I know that I’m not just that person there with a camera… I’m there to capture the moments that they and their loved ones are going to look back on for decades to come.  The moments that bring them right back to that time, or that amaze their grandchildren, or that move their own children to tears when they think about how that moment is truly how it all began.  I always say it, but truly, I have the best job in the world!  To be asked to get on a plane and bring a passport to document all of this is absolutely the greatest honor and compliment any photographer can have.  Cristie and Josh are two of the most amazing people I know.  Planning the wedding may have been crazy, picking the dress and all the details may have been overwhelming at times, but there was always one thing that was never a second thought…. the reason they were going through all the trouble.  These two truly wanted an experience where the people that love them so incredibly much could come together as one big family and share in the entire ride with them, and share in the ride we all did!!!!  I won’t ruin any surprises, but you will quickly see by the end of the post what a fun, loving and carefree couple Cristie and Josh are.  I love their entire approach to their love story and their lives.  They truly know what it’s all about.  So! Here are some of my absolute favs!!!!


What an amazing day!!!!  Is this group not the most fun?!?!? It’s so easy to get caught up in details and I love that Cristie and Josh never let anything stop them from being themselves and enjoying every moment of their day…. not even a little salt water or chlorine in the wedding dress!  Congratulations, Cristie and Josh!  Much love, health and happiness to you both!  THANK YOU for allowing me to be by your side through everything! xoxo


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Boudoir Bride

Let me just begin by saying that I just absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE when a bride wants to do a boudoir session for her groom. What an amazing gift! This beautiful woman not only entrusted me to capture her wedding day, but also to put together this amazing gift for her husband to be. From start to finish, I loved working with this sweet, sexy, smart and all around amazing woman. She was kind enough to let me share just a few of her gorgeous photos. The rest are for GROOMS EYES ONLY! Here were some of my absolute favorites:


For anyone thinking about boudoir, don’t think twice! It’s the most fun a girl can have!!!

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Boudoir Beauty!

Where do I even begin with this one!!!!! Let me begin by saying that I have a million fav pics from this shoot. This woman could not be more gorgeous, and she looked positively AMAZING in every shot. Though I’d love to show the entire gallery, I’m just going to share a few of this beauty. I almost never share my boudoir shoots, but I just could not help myself! I’m honestly so lucky to have the worlds most amazing clients! This shoot was nothing short of the MOST FUN! A little bubbly, some music, an absolute beauty and voila! Breathtaking shots that I’ve been dying to share! So many women are afraid to do a shoot like this…. worried about how they look, or if their boyfriend or husband will love the shots, but let me just say that these shoots are what you make of them! At the end of the day, this shoot is for YOU! My rules for boudoir… Let loose! Have fun! Laugh and smile! Be you…the absolute beauty that you are! Enjoy the moment! What girl doesn’t love to get dolled up anyway?!

My story of how I started my entire business actually begins with boudoir. I purchased a session with a photographer that I knew almost nothing about. She was half way across the country, but I was so moved by her photos that I knew I needed to get to know this fine woman. My experience was nothing short of amazing and it truly changed my life. This woman encouraged me to follow my dreams, start my business and take a chance! Life is just too short not to embrace it. So, through the years, I followed this womans work, took her workshops and followed her advice every step of the way. Today, I have an amazing photography business that has given me the pleasure of being a part of so many peoples lives. At the end of the day, these aren’t just some sexy photos… they are moments that you’ll look back at when you’re old and grey and remember some of the most amazing times in your life. They show a side of you that you or your husband or boyfriend might not always get to see when the kids are running around, you’re swamped with work and that little thing called LIFE is just happening all around you.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if this is something you could do, or wanted to do, just know that you CAN! And you should. Every woman owes it to herself to take a step back and see how truly beautiful she is.


To my clients who trust me with their most special life moments, THANK YOU for these amazing opportunities. To the beautiful woman in these photos….you are fun, sweet, a beautiful person inside and out…. and it shows! xoxo

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