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California Lovin’ & The Heffernan Family

It’s so hard to keep this blog post short and sweet! Seems like just yesterday I photographed this beautiful couples wedding in Santorini, Greece!! Fast forward a few years and these two are now a beautiful family of three!!! My friendship with these two beautiful people goes back nearly a decade. I’ve never been more thankful to call two people my friends. Seeing their love grow to a marriage and now a family is one of the most special things I’ve had the privilege of being a part of. On my recent visit, I was finally able to meet their beautiful daughter…. the most perfect and amazing combination of the two. I’m so proud to share with you some images and moments captured on my visit with them. Here are a few of my favs!!!


Until next time…..

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Sloan + Crosby

It’s so crazy how time flies and what seemed like time flying with the first baby, has now led us to a second. Welcome to the world baby Crosby!!!! There are no words for how much I love this family. They’ve entrusted me to capture all of these incredible moments with their children. There is no greater compliment or task than to capture children as they grow and discover their lives. Though I’ve only known this family a matter of years, I consider them like my own family. They always have welcomed me into their home as one of their own. They’ve made me laugh and some of my fondest memories are with them. So it was with such great pleasure that they asked me to capture the beautiful new addition to their family. Let’s be honest… baby shoots aren’t always the easiest. Sometimes they take HOURS just to get one good shot. Luckily for me, Crosby is a natural just like his mom, dad and sister, Sloan. In no time at all I was able to capture some of my most favorite moments with them. So, lets take a peek at these beauties!


CONGRATULATIONS Kollmorgan family! Thank you for welcoming me into your lives and for being a part of mine. You are beautiful human beings inside and out! xoxo

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Baby Love!!!

One of the greatest honors of my career is when a client comes back to me to capture more of the important moments in their lives. Today’s session was the culmination of years of friendship, trust and understanding. I photographed Jess and Eddie’s wedding a few years back, so to walk into their home today (with the wedding photos I took adorning the walls) to capture Jess’s first pregnancy was just completely humbling. I never take for granted that my clients will come back for other life moments, so when they do it’s almost a little emotional for me. I realize every time this happens that I’m not just someone who shows up on people’s doorsteps to take some photos…. I am documenting the beautiful moments of peoples lives that make them who they are. Have I mentioned that I literally have the BEST job in the world?!??! I’m beyond excited to share my favorites from this beautiful maternity session for Jess and Eddie. They are family to me in so many ways and it’s just so exciting to see their family growing. I couldn’t be happier for them both! They are two of the kindest, most loving people in this world and I know they’re going to make the best parents! I love that when their son looks back on this session, he will see the overwhelming amount of love his mom and dad have for each other and for him. I’m going to start with my two most favorite photos of Jess and Eddie in this session. Before I do, let me just say this… These first two photos are the true Jess and Eddie. They are the Jess and Eddie that have been best friends for as long as they can remember… The Jess and Eddie that love each other endlessly, are inseperable, are best friends and are about to be the most amazing parents. I hope you love these as much as I do, because I’m just beaming in my heart looking at these!!!


CONGRATULATIONS Jess and Eddie! I love you both very much and I wish the three of you decades of love, health and happiness!!!! I absolutely cannot wait to meet your perfect little man!!! xoxo

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A Winter Wonderland!

This beautiful family is one of my favorites of all time!!! I have loved seeing them every couple of months to capture the milestones that seem to creep up faster and faster with each one. This little darlings birthday happens to fall just before Christmas, and what better way to ring in the season than with family!!! Here are some of my favs from this wonderful family winter shoot!!


To all of my amazing friends, family and clients (whom I consider family), I wish you all a happy holiday season!!! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014!! xoxo

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Sweet Smiles of Fall…

Is it true I just photographed this beautiful family today? Yes. By now, y’all know how I am…. I get so excited, I can’t wait to share! So what I’m not done editing this session? You guys HAVE to see the sweet smiles of this beautiful family!!!! You may recognize them….they’ve been on my blog numerous times. They may not be my family by blood, but they are absolutely family to me. For those of you who may not know… this beautiful mama is a nurse. She’s not just any nurse either…. She works in “mother & baby” taking care of new moms and their precious little ones right after they are born. I am forever indebted to this beautiful woman because she took amazing care of not just both of my sisters (whom I love more than life itself), but also numerous friends. For many new mothers, she is the first one to show them the ropes! So needless to say, she has this whole being a mom gig down and is a beautiful person inside and out! These children are a beautiful reflection of their wonderful parents. I’ve never seen a brother so protective and loving of his little sister and it literally warms my heart.

So, check out some of my very favorites, not just from today, but of all time!!!!


To the Rodriguez family…. I love you guys more than anything! Thank you for the opportunity to be such an important part of your lives. I love every moment of capturing your beautiful family. I’ve been so honored and humbled that you’ve chosen me to capture your family from the beginning. I can’t wait to see what great things are ahead! Love you guys!!!! xoxo

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Staten Island Smiles…

So, I’m super excited to share this post because I don’t photograph families nearly as often as I do weddings. My recent trip to New York had me photographing quite a few families, and it was truly such a joy! I almost how forgot how much fun it is capturing a newborns first few days, or a one year old discovering that it’s totally okay to let loose and smash a cake…..the one time mommy won’t mind if you make a complete mess! It was also exciting because my business is really expanding quite a bit in the New York area to the point where it probably makes sense to be there more often. I’d love nothing more than to spend time with my favorite east coasters!!! There will be more blog posts in the coming days from some other exciting New York shoots, but here is a sneak peek of one! This family was too cute! This adorable brother and sister are about 13 months apart. I can already see that this little girl is going to be super lucky to have an awesome big brother to look after her. They were both so well behaved and too cute for words! I think you’ll agree….


I cannot thank this beautiful family enough for the opportunity to catch such special moments in their lives. I love my job, and I love NYC!!!

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The Sweetest Thing!

Though it’s true I specialize in weddings, I am blessed to have the honor to work with some truly amazing families. I absolutely love when I have the opportunity to document the first years of little ones lives. How amazing is it that kids seem to grow up so quickly? I always think to myself what it would be like to go back to those moments in my life when everything was so carefree and easy. This family is particularly special because I myself went from being a kid to an adult with this beautiful mama. It just amazes me how fast time flies, and how quickly things evolve. I am thankful every day that I have opportunities like this to work with such wonderful families and capture their most precious moments. Here are a few of my absolute favs!


Congratulations to this beautiful family on their new addition (who’s 3 months already!!!), and their beautiful new home!

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Sweet Smiles of Summer!

Just because it’s wedding season doesn’t mean that I’m not spending time with some of my favorite families!!!  This family is no exception! You may remember them from a previous post where I was sure they could have been in an ad for The Gap.  This session was no different!  I am so lucky to be able to work with such amazing families, and whenever one calls me for another shoot, I am humbled and honored that of all the photographers out there, they continue to choose me to capture the most special moments in their lives.  This beautiful baby girl turns one today!!! It’s absolutely amazing how fast time flies being that the last time I saw her she was just a tiny infant.  I absolutely love watching children grow up through the lens! Here are some of my favs from this session!!!

Positively love this family, and love this little lady!!!!! Until next time!!!!!

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A Beauty, A Chef and A Baby!

Where do I begin with this beautiful family?!?!?! As fellow Italians, I knew I was going to enjoy photographing them right off the bat!  Their story is beyond sweet…. they met through mutual friends after this beautiful mama was set up with someone else!  Alas, a date or two later and everyone knew that it was actually this beautiful lady and handsome chef that were meant to be.  A beautiful wedding, and wonderful life, and 9 months later and their sweet son Rocco joined them to really complete this beautiful love story.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m always so humbled and honored when someone chooses me to document such special times in their lives.  I am beyond grateful to this beautiful family for the opportunity and hope to see more of them as this little guy grows up!  Here is a sneak peek of a few favs from their shoot!

Couldn’t help but end on a happy note with that adorable smile!!!!  More to come soon!!!!! xoxo

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Bloomin’ Baby!

I absolutely could not resist a sneak peek from this afternoons family shoot in Oz Park.  Have I mentioned how much I love working with families?!?!??! This mama is always the one behind the camera, so her amazing husband treated her to some time with me so she could have some shots with her beautiful baby daughter.  There are SO many more amazing photos to come, but I absolutely HAD to share this one with all of you on this beautiful afternoon! Enjoy!


More to come!!!! xoxo

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