Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Bride!

I hardly know where to begin with this post! This day was extremely special to me for two reasons….. First, it was my first wedding shooting both film and digital. How amazing to go back to my roots!!!! I almost forgot how incredible film looks. There is absolutely no substitute! The grain, the saturated colors… every bride should have these gorgeous photos!!! Secondly, the bride is not just a dear friend…she is like a sister. She has been around my family since she and my sister were kids. I find that I’m most humbled when asked to photograph a friend because it means so much to have the ones you love most trusting you with such an important moment in their lives. I couldn’t be more excited to share a sneak peek of this special day!!! Here are some of my absolute favorites!

Starting with some of the gorgeous fine details….


And next… The amazing and ever energetic wedding party!


And finally…. the gorgeous bride, her handsome groom and one absolutely amazing day…


So much more to come with my film camera now in hand, and weddings ahead! xoxo

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