Friends ‘Till The End…

I hardly know where to begin with these two. I met this amazing groom, Jeremy, years ago when I was working in big corporate American finance. I knew immediately we were going to be great friends, and quite frankly I’m not even sure what it was that made me feel that way. Maybe because I felt he was one of the only truly genuine people around me. Jeremy and I were friends for years, and had shared so many fun stories of travels, dating, and typical thirty something craziness. When he met Sara I knew immediately it was something special and that things had changed. It was the kindness, respect and all around happiness he exuded when talking about her. Though their relationship was long distance for awhile, I had the opportunity to meet Sara a few times and spend time with her. I don’t have a lot of girlfriends, so when I warmed up to her and felt comfortable around her, I knew I was about to be doubly lucky to have such great friends. When Jeremy told me he was going to propose to Sara, I was just beside myself with happiness. I couldn’t imagine any two people more perfect for each other. I am constantly warmed by the fact that they are both so devoted and supportive of each other. They have moved across the country and back again, been there for each other through difficult losses, and genuinely have always wanted to stand by one another through thick and thin. Theirs is truly a relationship of mutual love and respect. So, fast forward to these amazing friends of mine asking me to capture their engagement, and even more exciting…. their wedding…. in GREECE!!!!! I never expect my friends to ask me to photograph them, but when they do, I am insanely humbled. Especially when it’s these two! So there I was… set to photograph their engagement in Sara’s native Los Angeles, and eventually their wedding on the breathtaking island of Santorini. The morning of the engagement shoot we were sitting at breakfast and I was telling them both how insanely excited I am to be photographing such an important time for the both of them when Sara said something to me that will stay with me forever. She said, “Ciana, we just couldn’t imagine anyone else capturing this time. You’ve known us from the moment we met, and there’s no other photographer that could capture the true us. You know our story in a way no one else does.” I mean, WOW! I had never thought of it that way!!!! It’s true… I had the honor of watching their love story unfold. How many people get this amazing opportunity?!?!

SO! With that said…. this is just a sneak peek! I have roles of film to be developed and more to come from this beautiful shoot. For now, here are some of my favorites from this amazing time together!


To Sara and Jeremy- THANK YOU for entrusting me with such a special moment in your lives. I love you both more than words can say. I am beyond blessed to have you both as my friends, and I wish you decades of love, health, and happiness to come. You truly are my dearest friends ’till the end. xoxo

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