Happy Birthday, and Thank You America!

Ok, so I’m still editing this magical wedding, but I had to share some of my favorites on this beautiful 4th of July holiday!  While others are out celebrating our country’s birthday with beer, food and sun it’s true that I am inside editing.  Most people would be like, “Oh bummer! You have to work today?”  The truth is that I don’t HAVE to do anything I don’t want to today.  I CHOOSE to stay in and edit this magical day.  I never see this job as work, you see… This is totally enjoyable for me!  When faced with a choice of drinking and partying, or staying in and editing, I choose to stay in.  Going through these photos brings me absolute joy, and on a day like today, I am so insanely thankful that I live in a country where I can have my own business.  I can make my own hours, bring joy to my clients and make a difference in peoples lives!  So, I celebrate our country’s birthday by doing something that this amazing country has allowed me to do…. be a proud business owner doing something I love!  So, onto my favs!!!!

I’m going to start with all of the pre-wedding fun!!!  Literally this gorgeous woman looks like she just stepped out of Vogue….



And off to the city we go for first look, and more gorgeous moments with the bride and groom!  I love a gorgeous bride walking amongst the crazy city life going on all around her….



And I suppose we should get the groom in some of these shots too, huh?!?



And how about a few more of this stunning bride….



And onto the gorgeous ceremony we go…. I absolutely LOVED the joy and laughter that was not only taking place at the alter, but also amongst the maid of honor, and the guests… Their joy could have lit up the whole world!!!



I had to put this next one in here, because I just love it when my bride and groom are silly, relaxed and having the most fun time.  It’s YOUR day!!!! Why not?!?!



And last, but certainly not least….. I love the first dance because you always get to see the happiness and emotion in the faces of the newlyweds.  It’s this moment where I often take a step back, sigh and am reminded how blessed I am to do something that I love so much!



So, happy birthday America!!!!  Thank you for giving me the ability to capture this amazing day, and these heart felt moments for this bride and groom.  I am so lucky to be able to do something that brings joy to others on a daily basis!  xoxo

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