Jamaica: Take Two!

As I’m sitting at home, going a little crazy…editing like a mad woman, I think to myself… I need a vacation! How nice would it be to go back to Jamaica?!?!? So, I looked through some of the photos from the gorgeous wedding that I shot back in May. This trip was truly the best of both worlds… I was able to photograph and do what I love most, but I was also able to enjoy some down time with my mom.

My mom and I are the most awesome travel partners! Both curious, free spirited, smart and up for an adventure, we practically ran onto that plane at 5am. It was an amazing week, and it was really nice to see my mom take some down time for herself. My mom is truly the most amazing woman… she helps my dad run a very busy medical practice, takes care of us kids AND the grandkids, and still manages to keep our house looking like a model home. Oh! And did I mention that she’s gorgeous?!?! This woman does it all!!! I’m so blessed to be able to have these memories to take with me.

I can always count on these photos to take me back to this magical time when life is crazy. So, here are a few of my favs! there are some dress shots from the wedding because honestly… they just make me happy. Enjoy!

How gorgeous is this paradise….


Sunrise or sunset, there was never a moment that didn’t just take your breath away….


Next up? My beautiful mama and some of foliage and flowers that I had actually never seen before! Ginger lilly? What’s that?!?!


And finally…. the dress pictures. I took these on my last full day there. I woke up just as the sun rose to capture these. Though I was on vacation, somehow, I naturally just woke up by 6am every morning. The same thing happens right before a shoot… I just get so excited, and my body knows even before I’m awake that something wonderful is about to happen….


So, back to the editing I go! Which is insanely exciting considering there will be SO much more to come! I honestly cannot believe how blessed I am to have been given the opportunities that I have. Being able to do what I truly love is the greatest gift…. xoxo

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