Man’s Best Friend!

Every so often I get the privilege of doing a shoot for the family pet.  This last shoot with Jack the Dog was exceptional and so much fun to shoot!  This is the most loving, caring dog in the world and in spending just two minutes with him you can see that the love he has for his family is unparalleled.  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!

After running around with a frisbee, Jack finally stopped for a break.  I love that something as simple as a frisbee could make this animal so happy….if only humans were that easy to please!

Not only is this dog adorable, but he knows how to smile for the camera!!!! LOVED that he smiled back at us after a few throws of the frisbee.  This is the happiest dog I’ve ever met and he shows it right on his face!

We finally made it inside after some crazy moments with the frisbee.  Jack is still smiling and still happy to pose for me, thankfully! What a trooper!

And after a rest, he’s ready to go back out there! I loved the way he looked at his owner as if to beg him to please keep playing and having fun.  He truly is this man’s best friend and I was so happy to capture moments that will be remembered forever….

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