Poker Face!

Needless to say, summer is off to an amazing start!  This particular shoot was extremely special to me… the mother of this beautiful boy and I grew up together.  We’ve known each other since her and I were nearly as little as he is.  It really hammered home for me how fast life flashes before our eyes…. I can’t believe the girl who rode bikes with me and played in the backyard has one of her own!  I’ve never been more honored and excited to do a photo shoot… It really brought back amazing memories and was such a special afternoon for me.  Here are a few favorites!

Now, THAT is a poker face!

A smile that positively just melts your heart…..

He’s a boy of many interests! A Cubs fan just like his dad!!

One of my favorites…. the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet!

AAAAAAAAAND! Last, but certainly not least! My favorite!  This little boy has the most beautiful, wonderful mommy in this world.  Spending time with this woman truly warmed my heart.  THIS is what life is truly all about!

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