Quality Family Time in the Big Apple!

So, while I was in New York, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do some family portraits for my “partner in photography crime” Josh, and his family.  They are the most photogenic, fun, loving family you’ll ever meet!  Though all members were not present, I was graced with Josh, his mom,  and his Aunt Patricia.  Here is a preview of some of my favorite shots!

This one of Josh and his mom is one of my favorites of all time! They both are just wonderful human beings and I love that when I look at this photo it reflects their warmth.


These two photos of Regina and Patricia are some of my all time favorites as well! They are both so beautiful and vibrant and I love that those traits really come through in these photos. As someone who has two sisters of my own, I appreciate the bond that only sisters can have, and these two are no exception.


This shot of Josh was totally caught randomly in the blink of an eye.  I love when that happens…. when you just happen to catch the perfect moment at the right second.  It’s no surprise that my partner in photography crime also ends up with one of the best shots of the day… he just does it all!


I ended the session with a couple individual shots of Regina, and I’m so glad I did! She’s so photogenic and beautiful! I hope to keep myself in shape, eat well, and keep smiling just as Regina does….

I am eternally grateful for the time I spent with Josh and his family as well as my time in New York.  They were gracious and wonderful hosts, and I think New York is one of the most amazing cities.  I can’t wait to get back there ASAP!

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