Staten Island Smiles…

So, I’m super excited to share this post because I don’t photograph families nearly as often as I do weddings. My recent trip to New York had me photographing quite a few families, and it was truly such a joy! I almost how forgot how much fun it is capturing a newborns first few days, or a one year old discovering that it’s totally okay to let loose and smash a cake…..the one time mommy won’t mind if you make a complete mess! It was also exciting because my business is really expanding quite a bit in the New York area to the point where it probably makes sense to be there more often. I’d love nothing more than to spend time with my favorite east coasters!!! There will be more blog posts in the coming days from some other exciting New York shoots, but here is a sneak peek of one! This family was too cute! This adorable brother and sister are about 13 months apart. I can already see that this little girl is going to be super lucky to have an awesome big brother to look after her. They were both so well behaved and too cute for words! I think you’ll agree….


I cannot thank this beautiful family enough for the opportunity to catch such special moments in their lives. I love my job, and I love NYC!!!

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