Sweet Smiles of Fall…

Is it true I just photographed this beautiful family today? Yes. By now, y’all know how I am…. I get so excited, I can’t wait to share! So what I’m not done editing this session? You guys HAVE to see the sweet smiles of this beautiful family!!!! You may recognize them….they’ve been on my blog numerous times. They may not be my family by blood, but they are absolutely family to me. For those of you who may not know… this beautiful mama is a nurse. She’s not just any nurse either…. She works in “mother & baby” taking care of new moms and their precious little ones right after they are born. I am forever indebted to this beautiful woman because she took amazing care of not just both of my sisters (whom I love more than life itself), but also numerous friends. For many new mothers, she is the first one to show them the ropes! So needless to say, she has this whole being a mom gig down and is a beautiful person inside and out! These children are a beautiful reflection of their wonderful parents. I’ve never seen a brother so protective and loving of his little sister and it literally warms my heart.

So, check out some of my very favorites, not just from today, but of all time!!!!


To the Rodriguez family…. I love you guys more than anything! Thank you for the opportunity to be such an important part of your lives. I love every moment of capturing your beautiful family. I’ve been so honored and humbled that you’ve chosen me to capture your family from the beginning. I can’t wait to see what great things are ahead! Love you guys!!!! xoxo

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