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Step Into My Boudoir…

Boudoir shoots have become increasingly popular, so I just wanted to do a little shout out and remind everyone (gentleman too) that boudoir shoots are crazy fun!!!  So many women think it’s not for them or will tell themselves that they just need to lose that last 5lbs before they book anything.  Guess what ladies?! Boudoir is for everyone and that last 5lbs will make zero difference in how amazing your photos are.  Each and every session I do is personal. My process for a boudoir shoot starts from the moment you start to think about it.  I speak with each of my clients extensively and even have a series of questions so that we can start to think about what we can be celebrating about YOU!  Because ultimately that’s what boudoir is… it’s a celebration of you as a fun, playful, beautiful, exciting human being.  So many people are always doing for others and forget to take a moment for themselves to do something fun.  A boudoir shoot is an amazing opportunity to honor all of the beautiful things about yourself that are easy to forget when you’re in the thick of each day.  So, even if you’ve ever thought about boudoir…. let’s have a conversation!  Let’s talk about what it could mean for you and to you.  Let’s celebrate how awesome you truly are!!!!


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