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Pretty In The Park!

I couldn’t help but post some more of my favs from a session yesterday in beautiful Oz Park!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE  this time of year! It couldn’t be a more perfect time to capture the happiest times in peoples lives.  This family was just such a pleasure to work with and get to know.  I felt elated to know that this beautiful mama would finally have some photos with her little girl after 6 months of being the one behind the camera.  This session isn’t even finished yet, but I couldn’t resist sharing these few! ENJOY!!!!


And just because…… I’m posting my favorite of the shoot just one more time!

SO much fun!!!!! More to come. xoxo

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Bloomin’ Baby!

I absolutely could not resist a sneak peek from this afternoons family shoot in Oz Park.  Have I mentioned how much I love working with families?!?!??! This mama is always the one behind the camera, so her amazing husband treated her to some time with me so she could have some shots with her beautiful baby daughter.  There are SO many more amazing photos to come, but I absolutely HAD to share this one with all of you on this beautiful afternoon! Enjoy!


More to come!!!! xoxo

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Baby Ballerina….

This shoot was just WAAAAYYY too fun!!! I’ve mentioned in a past blog post that this baby is particularly special because her mother is an amazing woman that I grew up with.  I don’t even know where the time has gone, that we are now at a point in our lives where many of us are having children of our own.  I hope to enjoy parenthood someday as much as this beautiful mama does.  When I found out that we were working with a tutu for this shoot I could not be more excited.  One of my favorite photos of ALL time is Marilyn Monroe in a ballerina tutu.  Though this beautiful baby is much younger than the iconic Marilyn, I couldn’t help but want to bring out the same feeling in this little girls photos.  After all, what little girl doesn’t think about being a beautiful ballerina at some point?!?!  Whether you’re the next Marilyn, or a beautiful little girl just beginning your life in this world, you can’t help but LOVE the tutu….  SO!!! Without further adieu… The Marilyn photo that inspired me:


And our PERFECT baby ballerina…..


As you can see, this little cutie is a natural in front of the camera….. just like the beautiful, iconic Marilyn Monroe.  I absolutely cannot wait to see her grow into an adorable toddler, then kid and eventually into the stunning woman she’s destined to be.  Until then…..

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A Beautiful Day With A Beautiful Family

No matter how many photo shoots I do, I’m still always excited and humbled to have the opportunity to capture the most special moments in a family’s life.  This family was no exception.  It was the most beautiful fall day, and these kids were just beyond AWESOME!  Both were so sweet and so much fun!  You could just tell that they were the great kids they were because they had two wonderful parents to guide them.  This was one of my most fun shoots ever!  Here are a few of my absolute favs:

I just could not get enough of this wagon!!!!

And a few of the boys all on their own…. how adorable are they?!?!?

And finally, a few great moments with mom and dad….

And that’s a wrap for another fun shoot!!!! I know it won’t be the last, so stay tuned for more! xoxo

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Fall Leaves & The Sweetest Kids Ever!

This will not be the last time you see these beautiful children on my blog…. Their mom is the most incredible woman!  A nurse at a very busy hospital, she has not only taken care of both of my sisters after they gave birth to their children, but she also works closely with my Dad who is a physician in the same hospital.  The woman holds a very special place in my family’s heart, and as such, I am always so honored when she affords me the opportunity to capture her beautiful children.  They are beyond sweet, and as you will see, could be models for baby Gap in a heartbeat! LOVE THEM!!!!! And LOVE their photos…..

Let’s start with big brother, Alex!!!!

And how cute is his little sister?!?!?

And last but not least…. the sweetest pic of brother and sister!   I can honestly say I’ve never seen a brother be more sweeter to his little sister.  I just love these two!!

I cannot wait until Spring when I may have the opportunity to capture these two yet again!  Till next time….

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Beautiful Day With A Beautiful Family….

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but I’ve been out photographing, people!!!! This first post, is a beautiful family that I felt so happy to spend time with.  They are kind, funny and most of all strong! I was so touched to hear how this amazing mama waited a year while her husband was deployed serving our country in the greatest military on this planet.  You could just really feel that this little boy was completely a reflection of the love and devotion between them.  SO! The wait is over! Here are my favorites….

Let’s start with my fav’s of this adorable little boy!!!

And next up, my favs of the entire family…..

And last, but not least…. my favorites of this entire family….

Per usual, I’m always crazy sad when a shoot is over, but i’m super excited that there will be more to come with this beautiful family.  I am still always so humbled and elated when someone entrusts me with documenting their most important memories.  I cannot express my gratitude to this family for allowing me the opportunity!

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It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…. NO! It’s Time… FLYING FAST!

I cannot describe what an honor it was to photograph this beautiful family.  Each family shoot has their own special story, and this one is no exception.  This beautiful woman has been best of friends with my little sister since they were kids.  To photograph her and her beautiful family was not only special, but another reminder about how fast time truly flies.  They now live in Utah, but spent time with me and allowed me to capture some beautiful moments on their visit.  Here are a few favorites from their shoot…. LOVE them!!!


This next one was just TOO FUNNY!!!!! I absolutely LOVED little Elliott’s face…. she’s TOO adorable!

These next few with mommy and daddy were just too precious…..

And finally….. a more artistic image that I just cannot get enough of….. LOVE!

I’m sad this shoot is over, but happy to know that there are more to come! Life is only just beginning for this young and beautiful family…. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

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Baby & Brother…

Just to round out a previous blog post, I had to post two other photos that were absolute favorites of mine from my weekend shoots!  These kids were just out of this world!  The best part of this two part shoot?  Their beautiful mother leaving with excitement and anticipation of seeing the photos.  I hope I did this woman justice!  She’s been an outstanding friend, nurse and human being to my entire family, and I just love her!  Check out her beautiful children….


And…..stay tuned for more from my weekend portrait sessions!

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They Grow Up SO Fast…

Today has been incredible…. with two children’s shoots in a row, I just felt so amazingly inspired.  I’ve been photographing the little one below from literally the moment she was born.  I was physically present in the delivery room when she was born and took her very first photos.  I am amazed at how quickly she’s growing up!  Here are some of my favorites from my shoot with her… She’s 3 years old and I just can’t believe it!  How time flies….

Let’s just admit it…. the kid is a complete ham!!!


Just love her beautiful face… she’s an amazing kid, inside and out!

And last but not least…. her mommy’s favorite….


And that wraps up another amazing day!!! I am again reminded why I truly LOVE my job!

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Summer is in full swing, and family portrait sessions are in high gear! Tonight’s session was no exception… despite the rain and excessive heat, this little one found it in her to smile for the camera! Though the weather ended up putting a damper on things, I was determined to walk away with at least a couple special shots. Here are my favorites! Stay tuned for more….

How do you not love this toothless, adorable smile!


And, no session is complete without a beautiful series of black and whites….

And last but not least…. a smile that just melts your heart….. LOVE HER!!!!!

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