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Cristie + Josh

It’s hard to know where to begin with this one!  I am always so incredibly humbled when a bride and groom choose me to capture their love story, but this couple truly went above and beyond!  You have undoubtedly seen them on the blog before.  This beautiful couple has had me capture every moment from engagement, to the boudoir photos that were Josh’s wedding gift, to their incredible “I do’s” in paradise.  I know that I’m not just that person there with a camera… I’m there to capture the moments that they and their loved ones are going to look back on for decades to come.  The moments that bring them right back to that time, or that amaze their grandchildren, or that move their own children to tears when they think about how that moment is truly how it all began.  I always say it, but truly, I have the best job in the world!  To be asked to get on a plane and bring a passport to document all of this is absolutely the greatest honor and compliment any photographer can have.  Cristie and Josh are two of the most amazing people I know.  Planning the wedding may have been crazy, picking the dress and all the details may have been overwhelming at times, but there was always one thing that was never a second thought…. the reason they were going through all the trouble.  These two truly wanted an experience where the people that love them so incredibly much could come together as one big family and share in the entire ride with them, and share in the ride we all did!!!!  I won’t ruin any surprises, but you will quickly see by the end of the post what a fun, loving and carefree couple Cristie and Josh are.  I love their entire approach to their love story and their lives.  They truly know what it’s all about.  So! Here are some of my absolute favs!!!!


What an amazing day!!!!  Is this group not the most fun?!?!? It’s so easy to get caught up in details and I love that Cristie and Josh never let anything stop them from being themselves and enjoying every moment of their day…. not even a little salt water or chlorine in the wedding dress!  Congratulations, Cristie and Josh!  Much love, health and happiness to you both!  THANK YOU for allowing me to be by your side through everything! xoxo


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Summer Lovin’

I hardly know where to begin with this couple!!!  Cristie and I grew up together so we’ve known each other since we were kids.  Who knew that decades later, I’d have the amazing opportunity to capture such a momentous occasion in her life.  When Cristie and I sat down months ago to talk photos, and she asked me to be the one to capture her and Josh exchanging vows in JAMAICA, my heart was just filled with complete joy and honor.  I’ve had the incredible opportunity to photograph a number of destination weddings now, and they are nothing short of incredibly special.  Since the wedding is going to be somewhere far away and tropical, we decided to go back to our roots for the engagement session.  So, to Barrington, Illinois we went for this incredible shoot!  Josh and Cristie are love personified… the way they look at each other is one that most people dream about.  You can tell that they are best friends and truly love and appreciate each other.  Here are a few of my absolute favorites from our amazing day in Barrington!

2014-07-21_0001 2014-07-21_0002 2014-07-21_0003 2014-07-21_0004 2014-07-21_0005 2014-07-21_0006 2014-07-21_0007 2014-07-21_0008 2014-07-21_0009 2014-07-21_0010 2014-07-21_0011 2014-07-21_0012

CONGRATULATIONS Josh and Cristie!!!! I couldn’t be more excited for you.  Here’s to decades of love, health and happiness!!! See you in Jamaica!!!!

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Jamaican Me Crazy With Love!!!

So, this last week I’ve had the honor and privilege to photograph the wedding of one of my best friends in the world.  Everyone thinks it’s easier and less stress to photograph the wedding of a friend, however I tend to disagree.  For me, it’s ten times harder, because the person means so very much to me on a personal level.  These two people in particular mean the absolute world to me.  I often tell the bride that she is my guardian angel.  She was there when I hit rock bottom, and she held my hand and helped me up every step of the way.  Together, her and her husband truly have been a light in my life, and I can’t imagine experiencing the success and happiness I have without the two of them.  When they asked me to photograph their wedding, it was the greatest honor and the least I could do to say thank you for everything that they do for me.  Though there are TONS of photos left to edit, I put together a few as a sneak peek of more to come in the months ahead as I pull the rest together.  THANK YOU Dawn & Matt Kollmorgan for being amazing friends.  I hope these photos bring you joy and happiness as you’ve brought me hope and restored my faith.  Here are a few of my favs from this special day:


Hope you’ve enjoyed the sneak peek as much as I’ve enjoyed my first glance at this amazing wedding week!  More to come in the months ahead! STAY TUNED!!! xoxo

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