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Can’t Get Enough Of New York!!

A final installment of some of my favorite photos from my recent New York trip! LOVED my time in New York and was just as sad to go home as I am that this is the last installment to share with all of you!  There are more fun weddings and experiences that will be making their way to the blog this season, but for now…. here are some of my absolute favorites!


LOVE WEDDING SEASON!!!!! Biggest thank you in the world to Jen Huang for her guidance, expertise, passion, business sense and ability to teach one of the oldest and most beautiful arts in the world.  I am proud to have the ability to invest in the education of my art so that I may produce the most amazing memories for my clients.  LOVE MY JOB!!!! xoxo

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Sneak Peek From The Big Apple!

I don’t even know where to begin with this post!  I am BEYOND excited to share a sneak peek from a recent wedding shoot in none other than…NEW YORK CITY!  When I heard about the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business, I just couldn’t pass it up!  Here are a few of my favorite shots, however there is more to come!  What I wouldn’t give to have Central Park as my backdrop for all of my brides!!!



What a truly AMAZING experience! I cannot wait to share more!!!!!


Florals: Poppies & Posies- www.poppiesandposies.com
Wedding Dress: Marchesa via Nearly Newly Wed- www.nearlynewlywed.com
Shoes: www.chromaticgallery.com
Workshop- Jen Huang Workshops

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Let Wedding Season Begin!

Well…. it’s finally here…. WEDDING SEASON!!!!!! Though I had the honor of being a guest at this wedding, I could not resist getting in a little practice before my first wedding of the season!  What I loved best about this group was their amazing friendship and love for each other.  I was honored to be a guest, and I’m excited to share some of my favorite shots!

And so it begins…..

And how STUNNING is this bride?!?!??!


It just wouldn’t be a midwest wedding without a little Coors….


Honestly…. how cute are these two?!?!?!?


And finally….. onto the celebration!!!


And there it is folks…… another beautiful wedding, and the beautiful beginning of another wedding season!




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Love & The City….

I don’t even know where to begin with this one…. As you all know, I get SUPER excited when I find a spot or have a shoot that produces amazing photos!  Well, this one was no exception, and lord knows it’s not the last time you’ll be seeing this stunning location or amazing couple on my blog.  This couple is very special to me.  You may recognize the bride to be, because she looks a little bit like a beautiful mama I’ve had featured in a past blog post!  These ladies have been near and dear to my family, so when this beauty asked me to photograph her wedding and capture her engagement, I was beyond excited!!  These photos are some of my favorite, and what makes them my favorite is that you can really see how much these two love each other.  It was so easy to capture these moments with them because it just came naturally.  It was nearly impossible to pick favorites, because I had exactly 105 favorites from this shoot! Ha!  I can’t share all of them, but here are a few that blew me away.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my time with this beautiful couple!


This whole shoot was really about mixing nature and cool architectural features…. This next set was about finding unique and cool tunnels to showcase these cuties!


These next two are some of my absolute favorite I’ve EVER shot…. I’m in love with how happy this bride to be is!


The next few take us back to nature….


And one final shot….. LOVE this one…. they belong in a magazine, people!


Needless to say, I cannot wait for this wedding come next June.  Stay tuned for more of this adorable couple!!!! xoxo

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A Birds Eye View….

It’s not often that I get to attend a wedding as a guest and not the hired photographer, so when I received an invitation to my cousins wedding I was BEYOND excited!!! I thought that I might leave my camera at home, but I could not resist!  My family and friends were all like, do you really want to carry that monster with you all day?  The answer was easy…. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am a photographer at the root of everything and I just could not imagine not having my camera for such a special time in my cousins life.  Here are a few of my fav shots that I am just so excited to share!  Congratulations, William and Jamie!!!! I love you both!!!!!! xoxo

Let’s start with the bride and her proud papa…..

Tell me these kids are not just the cutest EVER!!!

And Presenting William and Jamie Alexander for the very first time EVER!!!!

And finally off to a night of dancing and celebration…..

Sometimes it’s nice to be a guest at a wedding, however I learned that I’m still a photographer at heart.  I just cannot even control myself when it comes to capturing the special times in peoples lives.  Till next time….. xoxo

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Oh, What A Night Continued….

Ok, so more editing has been done and I’m excited to share some more from this most recent wedding!  Here are a few more of my absolute favorites from the day….

Some favorites of the bride and groom…..

And….. the first look!!! Bride and Groom see each other for the first time!

And a beautiful kiss….. the first of many…..

AND……..Last but not least, a few favorites of the bridal party…..


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Oh What A Night….

Ok, so I can barely resist posting some of the photos from this wedding!  I’m still editing, so there will be more to come, but here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorites.  I’ve been booking weddings like a crazy person, and I’m beyond excited to share what’s coming up, so stay tuned!!!!

This first photo is my absolute FAVORITE of the entire day…. IN LOVE with this photo!!! I love that you can see them smiling with their eyes… that no one is looking at them, and it’s just their moment.  This is what love is….

After nearly an hour and a half ceremony, it’s absolute joy and happiness that everyone is feeling… TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!!

And I’ll share just a few more of my favorites as there are others to come in the following days as I finish editing….

More to come!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!

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