Three Men And A Lady!

Let me just first start by saying how honored I was to capture some great moments for this family. You see, they aren’t just any family… I’ve come to think of them as the best of friends that anyone could ever ask for. They are beautiful inside and out. With two boys and a truly wonderful husband she calls her best friend, Donna is one tough mama! Always on the go, but always surrounded by their loving friends and family and enjoying every moment that life has had to offer them. I often look at them and hope that I too will have a family of my own just like this some day. Not ony are Michael and Donna inspiring as parents, but also as a couple. After all these years, and two kids, they seem to go against the grain in that they love and respect each other even more with each passing year. They are as good to their friends as they are to each other and it always seems that they just know what the secret is in life to true love and appreciation. Through the years, they have been wonderful to me. Amazing friends, through good times and bad, and always willing to lend a hand if I needed it. From the moment I met them, they treated me as if they had known me a lifetime. I am blessed to know this family. They are amazing parents, amazing spouses, and most of all, just amazing people. They are in essence… a team! So, it’s only appropriate that we did a little sports team theme for this shoot. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them. Here are a few of my favs!


Thank you, Michael and Donna, for being such wonderful, supportive and loving friends. You both are an inspiration. I wish your family decades of love, health, and happiness. It was an honor to capture the beautiful family you’ve created together. xoxo

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