Welcome To The World, Beautiful Baby!!!

While every photo is very personal and special to me, this one in particular is the most special….. For for the baby in these photographs is my beautiful new nephew, William.  To say that I fell in love would be an understatement!  He’s just beautiful.  His cries are the sweetest cries and he’s so tiny that I almost forgot how tiny little babies can be.  Here are a few of my favs from his first few days….

First up…. a proud papa shakes the hand of a proud papa!!!!

There is no greater bond than that of a little boy and his mama…..

I just could not stop taking photos of this perfect little man!!! I love how he’s curled up like a little football in this next one…. Seems to be his comfort position of choice.  LOVE HIM!!!!

Even when he cries, I fall in love with him even more!!!!

Lord knows this will not be the last time this little guy visits the blog…. I am a VERY proud auntie and so madly in love with this little boy.  He’s just perfect! Good work, Nicole and Buck!!!! xoxo

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